Hi, I'm Tammy and I am a certified MELT® Hand & Foot and Foam Roller instructor serving the Andover, MA area. I initially became interested in MELT because I thought it might help alleviate my chronic migraines, but MELT has done much more than just that. Since I started following Sue Hitzman's MELT Method, my balance has improved, I no longer wake up with stiff joints and I have less frequent neck and back pain.


I am a firm believer in prevention and complementary medicine, and truly believe MELT is something that can help everyone discover the joys of pain-free living at any age! I teach Hand & Foot treatments and Foam Roller classes throughout the year and I am also available for private and small group instruction. In addition, I am available for wellness workshops and other events. Please check the Classes and Schedule page for more information on these treatments and an up-to-date class schedule. You can also contact me using the link below if you have any questions or would like to find out more information. I am always happy to share my experience with perspective MELTers.