The MELT Method

Do you suffer from chronic aches and pains, carpal tunnel or arthritis? Do you have stiffness in your joints?

If so, the MELT Method® may be able to help you. Discover the joys of pain-free living. MELT is for anyone who wants to slow down the aging process and live pain-free. MELT is also for active younger adults and athletes who want to maintain a healthy body and achieve optimal performance without debilitating wear and tear. Even children can benefit from MELT.

About MELT®

New York City– based manual therapist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzmann has transformed groundbreaking neurofascial science and hands-on therapies into a one-of-a-kind treatment method called MELT. Using specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and four different small balls, MELT rehydrates the connective tissue, rebalances the nervous system, and restores space to compressed joints.

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What is Connective Tissue?

Connective tissue is the supportive three-dimensional system under your skin that supports, protects, and stabilizes everything: Skin, bones, nerves, blood vessels, every cell in your body relies upon this flexible scaffolding to remain stable.

Recent science now recognizes that daily living causes this tissue to become less supportive and responsive due to repetition that causes connective tissue dehydration or what we call stuck stress. Connective tissue dehydration is a natural cellular process happening to every single one of us every single day regardless of age, activity level, or diet.

Even if you don't have chronic pain, you have experienced stuck stress. Feeling stiff when you first get out of bed or when you get up after sitting for long periods of time. We call this feeling a pre-pain signal. We all feel this but when you get up, it seems to go away so we don’t do anything about it. This causes even bigger issues because unaddressed stuck stress can alter our own nervous system’s efficiency. This causes systemic issues like fatigue, low metabolism, weight gain, poor digestion, and nutrient absorption, and you are basically waking up with more stuck stress each day, accelerating your aging process and increasing your risk of injury and chronic pain.

The Four R's

The MELT Method focuses on the Four R's to alleviate chronic pain

Reconnect: identify whether stuck stress is accumulating in your body and if it’s causing issues in your body and your nervous system

Rebalance: restore neurological balance and help your internal "Autopilot" reacquire its connection to your center of gravity

Rehydrate: restore the hydration to this supportive tissue and improve the integrity of the entire connective tissue system

Release: decompress the joint spaces of your neck and low back that get compressed from our repetitive postures and movements


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